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Melbourne Fringe 2023

This annual madness, known as the Fringe Festival, embraces Melbourne once again with a huge amount of new art, ideas, and performances

Melbourne holds this annual festival of experimental art for two weeks in late September or early October. This is where the richest set of shows, exhibitions, concerts, and performances: almost all kinds of contemporary art are represented.

The festival was born in 1982 at the old boat factory as an alternative to a similar Adelaide event, and since then every year it has become more interesting, occupying one of the central places in Melbourne's cultural calendar. More than 3,000 artists take part in the festival, performing in more than 160 venues with more than 400 different shows, attracting the attention of 350,000 spectators.

The festival is a platform for the exchange of ideas between artists and not just a gallery of performances. In addition to theatre performances and cabaret, various open concerts of music performers, films, dances, multimedia programs, and outdoor performances take place in hundreds of venues throughout the city can be seen at the festival. Whatsonwhen is one of the traditions of the festival with audience participation in street performances.

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