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Chorégies d'Orange 2023

Visit the world's best preserved Roman theater in Orange when it hosts summer opera festival

Dates: June 19–July 24, 2023

Chorégies d'Orange
Chorégies d'Orange

One of the most complete and best preserved Roman theaters was built in the beginning of the 1st century AD. Although Orange was an agricultural town, its inhabitants enjoyed all forms of entertainment provided by the theater. Poetry readings, pantomime, as well as comedies and tragedies made up most of the town’s leisure time.

Nowadays, Orange hosts the annual summer opera festival—the Chorégies d'Orange. Every summer, the original stage and the wall of the theater come back to life, providing a place for both modern and old-fashioned performances. All the French stars from the classical stage have already visited this place and major international opera singers are always glad to become a part of this tradition that has lasted for centuries. So don’t miss the chance to appreciate the glory of ancient Rome!

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