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San Diego International Fringe Festival 2024

Eleven days of the beautiful, the bizarre, and the unexpected

Dates: May 16-26, 2024

Theatre lovers from all over the West Coast and across the United States are attracted by this great festival, celebrating performing arts in all forms from street performers to cabaret, comedy, circus, and dance. But, this festival is not only about theater, there is film, poetry, spoken word, puppetry, music, visual art, design and any other form of art which is part of modern culture.

The mission of the San Diego International Fringe Festival is to provide a platform for artists and boosting culture scene within the great city of San Diego. For independent artists, San Diego International Fringe Festival is an encouraging environment to communicate and display their work. Fringe is the only festival where 100% of the profits go to artists.

The original Fringe was founded in 1947 as an alternative to the International Edinburgh Festival. Now, it's one of the largest performing festivals, held in many countries.

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