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Tsagaan Sar 2019

The Lunar New Year feast provides a great occasion to truly indulge in meat dumplings, just hope the thaw does not spoil all the food stored outside

The success of the festival depends on the correct choice of the date. If it is slightly late, warm temperatures may deprive the attendees of a delicious specialty—buuz. This is actually the local name for traditional meat dumplings, millions of which are stored outside in the frost before the start of the feast. Just hope the meat doesn't spoil and you are in for a great feast.

Ul Boov (not a very traditional one)
Ul Boov (not a very traditional one)

Tsaagaan Sar literally means Lunar New Year, but Mongolians recognize it mainly as an end of winter celebration. It usually falls on some three days between January and March, which are determined by a Buddhist leader beforehand. Regarding weather conditions, the end of winter and the beginning o​f spring are marked with strong winds and sandstorms, so it is advisable to wear a scarf to protect yourself.

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