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Best time to travel to Fiji

Taveuni Island

Some travellers prefer outdoor pursuits and visiting the magic tropic spot of Fiji—Taveuni

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Make a foot trip to this wonderful place of Fiji—a real tropical garden on the island and coral garden under the sea. The territory is large and covered by pristine rainforests among which there are lakes, dramatic waterfalls, indigenous flora and fauna, and tons of wild birds. The coastal part is well known for its caves and blowholes, golden sand beaches, and famous volcanic beaches with black sand.

A real pleasure is diving around Taveuni. The marine garden is famed for breathtaking soft coral reefs full of larger pelagic and schooling species of fish. The world of birds is noteworthy for its rich population. It is home to green-blue Taveuni parrots, azure crowned flycatchers, and the fabled orange doves. If you like diving, visit Taveuni during the Fijian summer— from January to April—it's considered the best time to visit Taveuni. All the same May to October are also fine with offering cooler and less humid weather. This heritage garden will impress you regardless of the season you choose for your visit.

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