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Taveuni Island in Fiji

Some travellers prefer outdoor pursuits and visiting the magic tropic spot of Fiji—Taveuni

Best time: January–October (all year round)

Taveuni Island
Taveuni Island
Taveuni Island

Make a foot trip to this wonderful place of Fiji—a real tropical garden on the island and coral garden under the sea. The territory is large and covered by pristine rainforests among which there are lakes, dramatic waterfalls, indigenous flora and fauna, and tons of wild birds. The coastal part is well known for its caves and blowholes, golden sand beaches, and famous volcanic beaches with black sand.

A real pleasure is diving around Taveuni. The marine garden is famed for breathtaking soft coral reefs full of larger pelagic and schooling species of fish. The world of birds is noteworthy for its rich population. It is home to green-blue Taveuni parrots, azure crowned flycatchers, and the fabled orange doves. If you like diving, visit Taveuni during the Fijian summer— from January to April—it's considered the best time to visit Taveuni. All the same May to October are also fine with offering cooler and less humid weather. This heritage garden will impress you regardless of the season you choose for your visit.

Practical info

When is the ideal period to visit Taveuni Island?

January to April is considered the best time to visit Taveuni Island in Fiji, as it's the summer season, and coral reefs are at their peak. The weather is warmer, and there is less rainfall. Visitors that prefer cooler temperatures with low humidity can plan their visit from May to October, when it's still an excellent time to explore the island despite the likelihood of more rain. Show more

Which beaches should I see while on Taveuni Island?

Taveuni Island has several immaculate beaches, and among the popular ones include the Bouma Beach, known for its calm seas and scenic views. Other beaches worth a visit include Matei Beach, Maravu Beach, and Waiyevo Beach. Black sand volcanic beaches, such as Qilaqila, provide a unique experience that shouldn't be missed. Show more

Apart from diving, what other activities can I do on Taveuni Island?

Taveuni Island has an array of exciting activities for visitors besides diving. Tourists can hike through lush rainforests and discover various waterfalls, take a dip in natural pools, and enjoy birdwatching. The coastal region of the island is famous for its blowholes and caves, containing historical relics and cultural heritage sites that are worth a visit. Show more

When can I expect Taveuni Island to be more crowded?

Taveuni Island has a peak season from June to September, which is the busiest period with July and June being the busiest months. Accommodation might be hard to come by in these months due to the higher number of visitors. A great alternative would be visiting the island during the low season between November and April if you prefer a quieter experience without the crowds. Show more

What are the best places for birdwatching on Taveuni Island?

Bouma National Heritage Park is the prime destination for birdwatching, with a bird sanctuary that's home to many rare species, including the Taveuni Parrot and Orange Dove. The park's hiking trails traverse through tropical rainforests and streams, giving unparalleled opportunities for birdwatching while discovering the park's breathtaking scenery. Show more

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