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Mud Volcanoes of Minbu

Discover Mud Volcanoes in Minbu which are less deadly and more holy


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Minbu is situated on the western shore of the Irrawaddy, near the oil-fields of Yenangyaung (Upper Burma). The mud volcanoes are small hillocks of grey mud or clay. Due to these volcanoes Minbu's landscape looks like the surface of the Moon.

Unlike active volcanoes, there is no heating involved, the mud is cool to touch (don't be afraid to remove your shoes when you visit mud volcanoes). The locals associate superstitious ideas with the volcanic activity: they say that volcanoes are powered by dragons deep within the earth. So, the number of volcanic vents is known here as Bubbling Serpent Dragon Hill.

The best time to visit the area is between November and February as the weather conditions are quite comfortable. The rest of the months in that region might be either rainy or too hot.

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