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Mud Volcanoes

The Gates of Hell lead to the kingdom of grey bubbling muds and infertile soils with almost no vegetation


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Not many regions in Europe can boast mud volcanoes. It is not a mere coincidence that the area bears the title the "Gates of Hell." In addition to gray landscapes and the very mud volcanoes, it has almost no plants around and resembles another planet. The extremely salty soils are unfavourable for growing vegetation—only 2% of world's plants can grow in such conditions, the hardiest of which can be found here. The area is divided into the Big Mud Volcanoes, or Parcele Mari, and Little Mud Volcanoes, or Parcele Mici, located in the Scortoasa and Berca communes. The greatest metamorphoses occur during heavy rains, after which some volcanoes may disappear and other conversely emerge. Since the season of rainfalls is spring and autumn, this is the best time to witness this bizarre phenomenon.

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