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Surfing Season
Surfing Season
Surfing Season
Surfing Season

The most popular place for surfing, Gulf of Chiriqui, is located in the Pacific Ocean, near the border with Costa Rica. Here you can find the best conditions for surfing on the planet. The resort has comfortable hotels and surf-centers where you can rent all the necessary equipment. Here you can also hire an experienced instructor who will teach you everything to master this sport.

There are different surfing seasons to choose from. The September to October period is a perfect time for beginners, because of the low waves and beautiful weather.

Experienced surfers often choose periods from December till early April and from June till the end of July when the winds are moving north through the Atlantic bringing high waves and providing more exciting wave rides.

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Where can you find the Gulf of Chiriqui and what is it known for?

The Gulf of Chiriqui is situated in the Pacific ocean, close to the border of Costa Rica. It is a hotspot for surfing, providing the best conditions for surfers of all levels, particularly experienced surfers. Show more

During which months is the surfing season at its prime for experienced surfers and what should one keep in mind?

The peak season for experienced surfers is between December to early April and June to late July. During these months, the waves are high, and the weather conditions are optimal due to the winds moving north through the Atlantic. However, it is important to note that weather conditions in this area can be unpredictable, so it is best to contact surf-center personnel to confirm conditions before planning a trip. Show more

When is the best time for new surfers to visit Panama and what should they keep in mind?

September-October is the best period for new surfers, especially for those starting out. The weather is beautiful, the waves are low, and the beaches are less crowded. Gulf of Chiriqui has several surf-centers that cater to new surfers and provide lessons, equipment rental, and safety guidance. New surfers are advised to enroll for classes and rent equipment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Show more

Which hotels and surf-centers are worth visiting in Gulf of Chiriqui?

Gulf of Chiriqui is home to several popular surf-centers and cozy hotels. Pedasi has an excellent reputation for being one of the most well-known surf-centers, with experienced instructors and top-notch rental equipment. Santa Catalina and Bocas del Toro are also worth visiting, as they have reputable surf centers that provide lessons and equipment rentals. Some of the popular hotels in the area include the Hotel Santa Catalina Panama, Hotel Playa Cambutal, and Isla Palenque Resort. Show more

Is there access to experienced instructors for surfing in Gulf of Chiriqui?

Yes, there are experienced instructors available, making Gulf of Chiriqui an excellent spot for surfers of all levels. Pedasi surf-center, for instance, provides instructors for novice and intermediate surfers who require lessons before venturing out on their own. In addition, Santa Catalina and Bocas del Toro have reputable surf-centers that offer lessons and equipment rentals with certified instructors. Visitors who are new to the sport are recommended to sign up for lessons and seek tips from experienced instructors. Show more

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