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Panama's geographic location is perfect for surfing


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The most popular place for surfing, Gulf of Chiriqui, is located in the Pacific Ocean, near the border with Costa Rica. Here you can find the best conditions for surfing on the planet. The resort has comfortable hotels and surf-centers where you can rent all the necessary equipment. Here you can also hire an experienced instructor who will teach you everything to master this sport.

Surfing Season in Panama - Best Season 2020

There are different surfing seasons to choose from. The September to October period is a perfect time for beginners, because of the low waves and beautiful weather.

Best time for Surfing Season in Panama 2020
Best time to see Surfing Season in Panama 2020

Experienced surfers often choose periods from December till early April and from June till the end of July when the winds are moving north through the Atlantic bringing high waves and providing more exciting wave rides.

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