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Mount Cheam in British Columbia

A beautiful hike in Canadian Cascades with blooming wildflowers along the way

Best time: July–October

Mount Cheam
Mount Cheam
Mount Cheam
Mount Cheam

Cheam Peak or Mount Cheam is located near Fraser Valley, British Columbia. A 7.7-km (4.3 mi) trail to the mountain is not too complicated or crowded and features lots of wildflowers during the summer. Another attraction is stunning views of Lady Peak, Jones Lake, and Harrison Lake, reaching as far as Mount Baker in Washington, USA. The best time to do the hike is when the trail is not covered with snow—from July until late October.

The trailhead starts at the parking lot with the beautiful vistas of Cheam Peak and Lady Peak. The trail can be completed in about 4 hours with the elevation gain of 700 m (2,296 ft). Cheam Peak's height is 2,112 m (6,929 ft).

Cheam Peak is part of the Cheam Range, a small group of peaks that are considered to be part of a larger Skagit Range of the Canadian Cascades mountains. Cheam Range overlooks the eastern Fraser Valley, towering above Bridal Falls and Agassiz east of Chilliwack.

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What are some of the wildflowers that can be seen on the Mount Cheam Trail?

The Mount Cheam Trail offers mesmerizing views of blooming wildflowers such as lupins, Indian paintbrush, red columbine, tiger lily, and dogwood. The trail becomes a sight to behold in the summer and fall months when these wildflowers are in full bloom. One can capture mesmerizing pictures of these wildflowers while trekking along the trail which enhances the beauty of the location. Show more

What is the suggested timeframe to visit Mount Cheam?

The best time to visit Mount Cheam is between mid-July to late October. During that time, the weather is perfect for hiking along the trail, and the crisp air enhances the experience. Hiking is difficult in other months due to snowfall, making it uncomfortable to do the trek. Visiting the place during the suggested timeframe enables you to capture breathtaking views of Mount Baker in Washington, USA, and blooming wildflowers in full view. Show more

Where can one find Mount Cheam?

Mount Cheam is located in British Columbia, Canada, near Fraser Valley. It is part of the Cheam Range of mountains and can be reached via a 7.7-kilometer (4.3 mi) trail. The parking lot is a starting point for the hike, offering the first glimpse of the spectacular mountain, which requires hiking for a few hours. The location provides a serene environment with natural beauty that can pace the tired soul. Show more

What is the duration required for finishing the Mount Cheam trail?

Mount Cheam is a 7.7-kilometer trek, which includes a vertical gain of 700 meters. The trek takes an approximate of 4-5 hours to finish, allowing one to take breaks, capture pictures, and witness jaw-dropping views of Mount Baker, Lady Peak, and Jones Lake. The trail offers ample opportunities to take a break, enjoy a snack or a photo-op, before trekking the journey's final stretch to the summit to capture panoramic views of the valley below. Show more

What are some of the mountain ranges visible from the top?

Once you reach the top of Mount Cheam, you will witness the stunning views of Lady Peak, Harrison Lake, and Jones Lake. The summit also commands an impressive view of Mount Baker in Washington, USA. The natural surrounding is serene, and the trek uphill becomes worthwhile once the panoramic and breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain ranges from the top is sighted. Show more

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