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Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) 2023

One of the biggest film festivals in North America

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Every September, Vancouver becomes home to a large film festival. Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) attracts more than 140,000 people with 380 movie screenings throughout its 16 day occurrence. Unlike many other film festivals, VIFF is readily accessible, so to get to a showing you only have to buy a ticket.

The festival showcases Canadian cinema, but it also offers films from over 70 countries. There is usually a large share of East Asian films—more than any festival outside of that region can offer, and an impressive lineup of documentaries. Moviegoers love the diversity and novelty experiences that VIFF offers every year.

In addition to movies and documentaries from established directors, VIFF is trying to show new cinema trends and mediums with Buffer Festival Program, You-Tube content competition, Expanding Frontiers of Story Telling. The festival's goal is to push boundaries and bridge cultures together to engage and inspire a broader audience.

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