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Berlinale—Berlin International Film Festival 2023

The Berlinale is the city's most glamorous film event. With more than 400 films shown, it attracts the film industry elite as well as one of the biggest audiences of the world film festivals

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Berlin is famous for being a cosmopolitan, bohemian capital with a strong international appeal. This becomes especially apparent during the Berlinale, one of the most influential events in the world film industry.

Over 20,000 film professionals and critics, as well as numerous film fans from more than 120 countries, get accreditation to visit the Berlin International Film Festival every year. Berlinale sells over 300,000 tickets; the numbers speak for themselves, proving that the festival draws one of the biggest audiences in the world.

The festival offers to the participants much more than just film screenings. For the two-week period, workshops, engaging panel discussions, and joint projects create a space for collaboration among all the participants. And the exclusive Berlinale parties become an informal meeting point for people, art, glamour and business.

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