Best weather to visit Vancouver

Vancouver Weather: Autumn

This season is characterised by pretty heavy rains. The weather is mainly cold and wet but the beginning of September can still be a great time for enjoyning the city and nature


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Autumn weather varies according to the month. September is still warm, but with cooler nights, November is rather freezing and rainy, especially towards the end of the month. The fall season is wet and rainy. November is the probably wettest month of the year. The temperatures fall very quickly, especially at night. Vancouver's autumn attracts tourists in September and the beginning of October with its amazing colour splash in parks and forests. Starting from late October, the city goes into hibernation. As the rates begin to fall, you can find a great deal for your vacation.

Autumn is when Vancouver offers more inside than outside activities. Museums and galleries are the places to go. This season is great for sport fans with the beginning of hockey season as well. At the end of November, you'll find yourself among festive preparations, light shows, holiday shopping, special events, and lots of other festive things.