Best time to visit Vancouver

Hiking around Vancouver

Vancouver's amazing variety of landscapes, gorgeous views, and wildlife provide some of the best hiking opportunities for everyone!

Best time: May–late October

Hiking around Vancouver
Hiking around Vancouver

Vancouver's jaw-dropping nature with numerous sparkling waterways, lush green forests, and high mountains make for amazing hiking. Hiking here will stay in your memory for a long, long time!

The best season for hiking around Vancouver is summer, as during spring you can still find snow and ice at some of the higher elevations in fall the weather isn't as nice and most of the trails become more dangerous. The peak season runs from July to October. July is the perfect months for hiking in Vancouver, as the snow has finally melted and almost all the trails are covered with flowers and lush greenery. This is the ideal time to visit some of the most stunning places like Hollyburn Mountain, Black Mountain, St Mark's Summit, and The Lions.

During spring, winter, and any wet weather some of these trails become deadly dangerous. And as July is the driest month of the year, this is the right time to go. Visit Panorama Ridge as well, which is one of the most amazing hikes around. In August the weather gets even hotter. The temperatures are very pleasant even at the top of glaciers.

With the arrival of autumn, nature turns into a shining, colourful masterpiece. September has the weather of summer and is perfect for all kinds of hikes, while October can be a bit more uncertain. The weather during this month can be either perfect or awful. The days are getting shorter and around half of them are going to be cold and rainy, so it's quite hard to predict and prepare. Thus, choose the easier trails for your own safety and enjoy the amazing colours which are best during these months.

Snowy weather starts in November and at that time most hiking opportunities close off and give the way to snowshoeing. Some of the most popular and most unique places to go are Capilano Canyon with its amazing bridge, Grouse Grind, Lighthouse Park, Pacific Spirit Park, Stanley Park with its never ending hiking, biking, and walking opportunities, and the Vancouver Seawall. These are just a few of a huge variety of trails to explore.

Practical info

What are the best months for hiking in Vancouver?

Between May and late October, Vancouver's hiking trails are at their prime. However, the peak season for hiking is from July to October. July is the best time for hiking as most trails are snow-free, and the wildflowers and lush greenery offer stunning views. September has excellent summer weather and is ideal for all kinds of hikes. October is uncertain as the weather can be unpredictable. Show more

Which hiking trails in Vancouver are dangerous during wet weather?

Hollyburn Mountain, Black Mountain, The Lions, and St Mark's Summit are some of Vancouver's hiking trails that can be dangerous during wet weather. Before setting out on a hike, it is essential to check weather conditions and forecasts. Rainfall, snow, or storms can also close some trails, and it's important to heed the advice of park rangers and obey signs. Show more

When is the ideal time to hike Panorama Ridge?

The ideal time to hike Panorama Ridge is from July to October, which are the driest months with excellent weather conditions. The trek offers stunning views of nature, including sparkling waterways, breathtaking landscapes, and lush forests. Hikers should always consider current weather conditions before starting the hike, as temperatures can drop quickly and unexpectedly, especially during peak season months like September and October. Show more

What is the peak season for hiking around Vancouver?

The peak season for hiking around Vancouver is from July to October. During July, most trails are free of snow, and the wildflowers and vegetation offer a colorful landscape. September provides the perfect summer weather, ideal for all kinds of hikes. October weather can be unpredictable; however, it can serve as the perfect time for mountain hikes, offering rewarding panoramic views. Show more

Which hiking trails in Vancouver offer stunning autumn scenery?

Lighthouse Park, Pacific Spirit Park, and Stanley Park are excellent trails to witness Vancouver's breathtaking autumn scenery. The vibrant colors of leaves, lush green grass, and clear blue skies offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Visitors should confirm weather conditions before embarking on a hike, as it can change unpredictably and all of a sudden, which would be particularly risky in narrow and steep trails. Show more

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