Best time to visit Niagara Falls

Journey Behind the Falls in Niagara Falls

Check out the unusual view of the falls from below and behind

Best time: mid-April–mid-December

Journey Behind the Falls
Journey Behind the Falls
Journey Behind the Falls
Journey Behind the Falls

The spectacle of Niagara, possibly the world’s most impressive waterfalls, has fascinated visitors from all around the world for over 400 years. In the early days, the only way to get closer to the falls was to climb down the bluff bank through a series of crude “ladders” created from fallen trees or to climb over huge boulders.

In 1818, the first enclosed stairs were built, and in 1832 a spiral staircase was constructed for visitors to enter the so-called “Sheet of Falling Water”. Certificates were presented to visitors who had completed the journey behind the falls.

Standing at the heart of Niagara, you'll need to descend 38 meters and explore 130-year-old tunnels through the bedrock. You’ll feel the shattering vibration of the Horseshoe Falls long before you notice them. The observation deck at the pediment of this 13-storey-tall miracle will leave you jaw-dropped and wet, you won't ever forget it. The portals through the rock offer an unforgettable view of one-fifth of the world’s water crashing down in front of you.

The Journey behind the Falls is available all year round. However, there are two decks and two portals, and Lower Observation Deck is closed during winter months from mid-December to mid-April due to ice conditions. Therefore, the best season for this activity is mid-April through mid-December. In spring and summer months you'll be given a rain poncho for the protection from the great mist of the falls.

Practical info

How deep is the descent to explore the falls from behind?

Descending through tunnels into the bedrock is required to explore Niagara Falls from behind, and visitors will need to go down by 38 meters. These 130-year-old tunnels have undergone renovations to make them wide and safe for visitors. Before seeing the falls, visitors will feel its vibrations throughout the Journey Behind the Falls. This experience provides a unique perspective on the natural wonder of Niagara Falls that visitors should not miss. Show more

When was the first enclosed stairs built for visitors to see the falls?

Visitors were first able to get close to Niagara Falls in 1818 when the first enclosed stairs were built. A spiral staircase was later added to walk beneath the “Sheet of Falling Water” in 1832. Once guests finished the entire tour behind the falls, they are presented with a certificate. Anyone visiting Niagara Falls should experience the Journey Behind the Falls, offering a fresh view of the natural wonder and an exciting adventure. Show more

What is the best time to visit Niagara Falls for the Journey Behind the Falls?

To get the best experience of the Journey Behind the Falls, it's suggested visiting between mid-April and mid-December; this period is also the best time to visit Niagara Falls. During mid-December to mid-April, ice conditions force the closure of the Lower Observation Deck, limiting visitors' views of the falls. Visitors receive rain ponchos for protection from the mist during the spring and summer months. The falls' mist creates a unique breathtaking experience that visitors should not miss. Show more

How old are the tunnels through bedrocks that visitors walk through to see the falls?

The bedrock contains tunnels that have undergone 130 years of renovations, making them safe for visitors and allows them to reach the base of Niagara Falls. The Journey Behind the Falls is ideal for adventurers, providing an excellent experience to explore Niagara Falls. Visitors have plenty of light as they walk through the huge bedrock tunnels, which are wide and safe for hundreds of tourists. They are also designed to protect visitors from any danger. Show more

What is provided to visitors to protect them from the mist of the falls during the Journey Behind the Falls?

Rain ponchos are provided to guests free of charge to protect them from the mist of Niagara Falls during the Journey Behind the Falls. During the spring and summer months, the mist can be high, so protective gear is a must-have. Visitors can keep the ponchos as a souvenir and tour the falls from behind. Additional safety features like non-slip floors and handrails ensure that the Journey Behind the Falls is a secure adventure for tourists. Show more

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