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The Waterfall of Tamerza in Tunisia

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The Waterfall of Tamerza
The Waterfall of Tamerza

"The hanging balcony overlooking the Sahara Desert"—that's how Tunisians call Tamerza, the largest mountain oasis. The height of the waterfall is 5 meters. It's well-known for the spectacular views and blue color of the water.

The best time to visit the waterfall is winter or spring when the amount of water is really impressive. In wetter times, the falls make a pool large enough to swim in—a rare opportunity in such an unfertile land. You can also learn about the old city history near that wild nature area.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to visit the Waterfall of Tamerza?

The Waterfall of Tamerza is best visited between December and May. During these months, the waterfall boasts an impressive water flow, making it a great time to see it in all its glory. It's recommended to check the weather forecast before visiting since the weather can influence the volume of water flowing over the falls. Show more

What is the geographic location of the Waterfall of Tamerza?

Situated near the Algerian border in the western part of Tunisia's Governorate of Tozeur, the Waterfall of Tamerza is located in the Tamerza, the largest mountain oasis in the country. Tourists can easily access the site from the small mountain village of Tamaghza which is approximately 10 kilometers away. Show more

What is the height of the Waterfall of Tamerza?

Despite its significance, the Waterfall of Tamerza stands only five meters tall. Nonetheless, the fall is a spectacular sight of flowing water that cascades down smoothly into a pool below. Tourists who wish to admire its picturesque scenery should visit between December and May when water levels are high. Show more

What color is the Waterfall of Tamerza?

The Waterfall of Tamerza is widely recognized for its stunning bright blue color, produced by minerals and sediments present in the water as it flows through the mountain oasis. Accentuated by the surrounding desert landscape, the fascinating hue of the waterfall offers a great opportunity for tourists to capture stunning images. Show more

In addition to visiting the Waterfall of Tamerza itself, what other activities are available for tourists near the site?

As well as visiting the waterfall, tourists can engage in other activities near the area. For example, the Tamerza mountain oasis is an excellent spot for activities such as hiking and trekking. The surrounding desert landscape covers various trails that offer visitors a great view. Tamerza's abandoned village is another option for tourists who seek additional attractions. The village, deserted since the 1960s, provides a glimpse into Tunisia's remarkable history whilst simultaneously contrasting with the beautiful natural scenery of the waterfall. Show more

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