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Beach Season in Tunisia

Enjoy spectacular sand beaches with crystal-clear water

Best time: April–June | September–October

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

Beach season in Tunisia divides into three periods. From September to October and from April to June is when the temperature is comfortable, and prices are lower. High season lasts from July to August and these months are unbearably hot known for skyrocketing prices. This country is well-known for its clean water, golden sand and vast and beautiful beaches.

There are many great sites to choose from if you are a beach lover. In Hammamet, for example, you will find white sand beaches and enjoy scuba diving with the fantastic underwater world. Sousse is known for its flaming nightlife, not to mention its beautiful sea and gorgeous beaches. The city also hosts the annual summer festival with bright carnival processions through the streets. Monastir offers the iconic camel walk along the water. To the south-east, on Tunisia’s famous peninsula of Djerba, the beaches boast numerous palm trees and excellent seafood dishes. El Haouaria beaches, known for spectacular rocks around, are suitable for hiking and taking marvelous pictures. Something more traditional can be found in Plage de Chaffar in the Sfax City, where local families spend their holidays.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tunisia for beachgoers?

From April to June and from September to October are the best times to visit Tunisia for beachgoers. These periods offer the most favorable weather conditions and relatively lower prices compared to the high season during July and August. High season is marked by hot and dry weather making outdoor activities unbearable. The off-season is therefore perfect for those who want to avoid crowds while enjoying the sandy beaches on the Tunisian coast. Show more

Where in Tunisia can I find the best beaches for scuba diving?

The best place to scuba dive in Tunisia is Hammamet, a popular spot with crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. The underwater world in Hammamet is filled with colorful fish, interesting corals, and shipwrecks, making it a perfect destination for beach and marine lovers. The visibility is impressive, and divers can explore shipwreck sites such as the Zembra wreck - a minesweeper that sunk off the coast of Tunisia. Show more

What is the most iconic activity to do on the beaches of Monastir?

On Monastir's beaches, a stroll or ride on a camel is the most iconic activity to do. This activity is unique to the area and steeped in tradition. Monastir boasts impressive sandy beaches and a prime location in the Mediterranean. However, tourists rave about this activity. Take a leisurely ride while enjoying picturesque coastal views and dodging the waves that gently roll against the shore. Show more

Where can I experience a traditional Tunisian beach vacation?

Plage de Chaffar in the city of Sfax is the perfect place for experiencing a traditional Tunisian beach vacation. The beach offers an ideal location for soaking in the sun, swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach. It is popular with locals, so you can experience Tunisia's culture and traditions. Take part in local festivals, sample Tunisian food and drinks, and immerse yourself in the country's way of life. Show more

What unique feature do the El Haouaria beaches offer besides swimming?

The El Haouaria beaches stand out for their spectacular rock formations that offer perfect locations for hiking and capturing stunning photographs. This area is named after El Houaria, meaning 'caves' in Arabic. Therefore, the beaches are also famous for the Grottes d'El Haouaria, a cave preferred by tourists for exploration trips and guided tours. Bring along your camera, and you will find fantastic photography opportunities. Show more

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