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International Festival of Hammamet 2024 in Tunisia

Feel the traditional culture of Tunisia during this major music and theatre event in the city of Hammamet

Dates: July 5–August 3, 2024

International Festival of Hammamet
International Festival of Hammamet
International Festival of Hammamet

Since 1964, the International Festival of Hammamet has been one of Tunisia’s most vibrant celebrations of artistic excellence and cultural diversity. Over the decades, this festival has brought together talented artists from around the globe to share their stories, showcase their creativity, and offer audiences a glimpse into the rich tapestry of their experiences.

Festival Highlights

The International Festival of Hammamet is more than just a series of performances; it is a vibrant journey through diverse cultures and artistic expressions. This year’s edition at the International Cultural Center of Hammamet—Mediterranean House for Culture and Arts—brings together an exceptional lineup of artists from the realms of music, theater, dance, and cinema. The festival celebrates the rich tapestry of human creativity, offering a unique space where timeless art forms meet contemporary experiences. The festival provides a memorable opportunity for artists and audiences alike to connect and share in the joy of cultural exchange.


This year’s International Festival of Hammamet offers more than just live performances; it presents a rich exploration of the world of cinema. “The Screens of Hammamet” invites audiences to delve into a diverse selection of films and gain a behind-the-scenes look at the festival’s creative process.

The program kicks off on July 5 with a captivating presentation of Othello and continues with a variety of events, including Danilo Rea’s “The Great Opera in Jazz” on July 13 and many others. The festival will conclude on August 3 with a spectacular musical performance, Imagine, by Karim Thlibi.


This year, visitors can celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Hammamet International Festival, running from July 5 to August 3.


Tickets for the festival can be purchased in two ways. Electronic tickets are available through the festival’s official website via the online payment system. For those preferring a physical ticket, these can be bought at authorized sales points around the city. Please note that there are no discounted rates for children of any age. Ticket prices start at 20 TND and vary depending on the specific show.

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