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Best time to visit Tunisia

Scuba Diving

Tunisian underwater world promises amazing tunnels, colourful fauna, and unforgettable archaeological sites

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Despite all sand in Tunisia, it's really a great and popular place for scuba diving. The seas surrounding this country are indeed spectacular and filled with a variety of unique things.

Different regions in Tunisia have their advantages for scuba diving. Tabarka is a place for experienced divers due to its reefs and depth. The local reef covers 500 meters and contains approximately 20 tunnels you can swim through. In Hergla there is exotic underwater fauna. In Mahdia you will see the most impressive archaeological sites. Also, popular regions are Cap Bon and Hammamet. In the first one, you can observe abundant sea life—murenes, gorgonians, corals, mullets, and octopuses. And Hammamet is an excellent place for beginners to start their diving era. Here you also have the opportunity to explore a few wrecks from World War II.

The best time to join a group of adventurers is between March and November when the visibility is better. However, diving centers work year-round.

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