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Shakespearean Nights 2023

Shakespeare plays are revived once a year among the ancient walls of Cyprium on the bank of Mediterranean Sea


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For both fans of Shakespeare and archaeology, there is an annual event hosted near Limassol every June. Shakespearean nights, as is clear from the name itself, is the festival completely devoted to Shakespeare and his plays. It is a charity event organised by the Society for Chest Diseases at the very unique and gorgeous Curium.

Curium was an ancient city and also the centre of cultural, political, and religious affairs in the period of its prosperity. Today it is an archaeological memorial, which consists of the city, amphitheatre, the stadium, and the Sanctuary of Apollo. the Shakespearean festival and other theatre events take place in Amphitheatre, which once accommodated gladiator games in the third century and could host 3,500 spectators. If you plan to enjoy the open-air performances in Curium, do not forget to grab some water, headcover, and a comfortable pillow for sitting.

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