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Les Bravades de Fréjus 2020

A traditional feast day in the lovely little town of Fréjus


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Les Bravades is a feast day dedicated to Saint Francis de Paule, the patron saint of the town of Fréjus who saved it from the back plague in the day. It's definitely the most remarkable folk celebration is back and one of the most notable in the region. Annually, on the third weekend after Easter, the locals dress in traditional costumes parade around the city accompanied by the sounds of fifes and drums. The festivities also include musketry discharges, a solemn procession, concerts by local musicians, traditional services in the cathedral and the feast itself. It is a very joyous and cheerful event that reflects the atmosphere of this small s​outhern town.

Les Bravades de Fréjus in Provence & French Riviera - Best Season 2020
Best time for Les Bravades de Fréjus in Provence & French Riviera 2020

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