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Independence Day Parade 2024

Celebrate Belize in San Pedro, where one of the largest annual parades takes over the town

Dates: September 21

For over 30 years, September has been one of the merriest months in Belize, thanks to numerous street parties, parades, carnivals, and fireworks held to mark the country's independence. San Pedro comes alive on September 21st with a massive Independence Day Parade. The whole town takes to the streets in their most colorful costumes to dance to Caribbean rhythms and show its national pride.

The annual Independence Day Parade is prepared for the entire year by 15 local dance groups competing with their costumes and vibrant performances. After the parade, dozens of floats makes their way through San Pedro Town, The massive street after-parade party starts in the park with even more music, dancing, drumming, and delicious foods.

Belize was under British colonial rule from 1862 till 1981. The country earned its independence on September 21st, and this day has become one of the major holidays for the country. Concerts, fireworks, and parties are held everywhere, so no matter where you stay in Belize, you will surely get a chance to celebrate this special day with the locals.

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