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Dragon Parade 2020

Krakow still has its own dragons. Usually they hide in their cages, but once a year everyone can see them flying around the city. Look up!

Dragon Parade in Krakow 2020 - Best Time

Piotr K.

All the old cities have their special legends. According to a tale, a wild dragon lived in a cave under the Wawel Castle for centuries. He scared and hurt the inhabitants until the local shoemaker freed Krakow from the fire-breathing beast.

Dragon Parade in Krakow - Best Season 2020

Nowadays the citizens have warm and nostalgic feelings for their dragon. That’s why they organise the annual Dragon Parade in the beginning of June. On this day, beasts of different kinds and sizes can be seen flying over the Vistula river, not far from Wawel Castle.

Best time for Dragon Parade in Krakow 2020

The procession goes to the Main Square of the Old Town next day. The joyful carnival atmosphere and numerous wooden, paper, and plastic dragons will lead you to the good old times of Krakow, full of magic and adventures.