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Marino Wine Festival (Sagra dell’Uva di Marino) 2022

An exceptional festival with local wine flowing from a fountain!

Dates: October 2, 2022

Marino Wine Festival (Sagra dell’Uva di Marino)
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On the first Sunday of October, little town Marino located 20 km from Rome, turns into a paradise for wine lovers. Sagra dell' Uva di Marino is a unique celebration that is significantly different from other harvest festivals, at least because you can witness a miracle of filling the city's central fountain with wine which participants can drink for free! Who would refuse to take part in it?

During four days you can see the whole town decorated with branches of grapes, live musicians playing around, fairs, markets, and people wearing medieval costumes. This all has another reason behind it. Sagra dell'Uva commemorates the victorious return of Admiral Marcantonio Colonna to Marino after winning the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. In memory of this, citizens start the festival with the procession, and around 5 p.m, they start distributing wine from Fountain of the Four Moors to the crowd.

Marino Wine Festival is a wonderful idea for those who want to experience the real non-touristy festival and feel the Italian spirit while traveling around Rome.

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