Best season to travel to Madeira

Madeira Wine 2024

Great chance to see the traditional production of the world famous wine and taste its various kinds

Best time: late August–November

Madeira Wine
Madeira Wine
Madeira Wine

Madeira wines have been renown since the Age of Discovery. The main season for local winemakers – harvest time – starts in mid-August and lasts till November. In the fall, it's possible to see how unique Madeira wine is being born. In addition, in late August or early September, the city of Funchal becomes a destination for true wine lovers from all over the world who come to participate in the wine festival.

Closed for traffic Avenida Arriaga features displays and reenactment of the wine-making process, concerts by local folklore and traditional Madeiran music bands and, of course, ​a lot of wine tasting.

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