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Tower of David Night Shows 2018-2019

Watch unique laser shows dedicated to Jerusalem, King David, and world culture

Tower of David Night Shows in Jerusalem 2019 - Best Time
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Dennis Jarvis

King David has always been a special character in Israeli history. Now, he has become the focus of a spectacular night show that is both educational and breathtaking. The event is held at the Tower of David Museum where a light show is projected on the walls of the citadel in the evening.The Tower of David museum show brings a modern and artistic perspective to biblical history.

The show features 20 powerful laser projectors, 10 audio players, 14 speakers and amplifiers, and 10 kilometres of cable infrastructure—all of which are operated by cutting-edge technology. The show tells the life story of King David from his youth as a shepherd to coronation as a king over Israel. You will experience a great light and sound show, hear psalm songs attributed to David, and listen to modern songs of praise dedicated to Jerusalem and its king.

Tower of David Night Shows in Jerusalem - Best Season 2020

The Night Spectacular is another laser show that is displayed at the Tower of David. It is focused on the history of Jerusalem and its cultural role in the world. The show features animation, advanced graphic design, and various editing methods. It creates a three-dimensional experience that makes you feel as though the pictures on the walls have come to life. Spectators truly feel like participants throughout this event.

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