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Bridge of Strings (Jerusalem Chords Bridge)

The bridge resembling a tent in the desert or King David's harp is a work of art and one of the tallest structures in Jerusalem


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The Bridge of Strings, which is also called the Chords Bridge or the White Bridge, has stood tall by the entrance to the Israeli Capital since 2008. It was designed by the world-famous Spanish architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, and is currently used by the Jerusalem Light Rail.

The bridge has a glass-sided pedestrian lane allowing people to cross from Kiryat Moshe to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Even though the bridge is outstanding and looks like a work of art, many locals have criticized its appearance and high cost. The total cost to build this structure was around $70 million.

The 118m high mast is supported by 66 steel cables. It is indeed a spectacular addition to the Jerusalem skyline. It is also the first thing that people arriving from the Tel Aviv airport see when they come into Jerusalem.

This was Santiago Calatrava's 40th bridge and was the first one he designed for both trains and pedestrians. This bridge made from Jerusalem stone, steel, concrete and glass was called "Jerusalem's first shrine of modern design" by Time Magazine.

The bridge is illuminated and also serves as a site of festive concerts and fireworks during Israel's Independence Day on May 14.

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