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Gas Works Park in Seattle

A former gasification plant has become a favourite summer hang out spot

Best time: June–August

Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park
Gas Works Park

A much industrial appeal is awaiting visitors at Gas Works Park, in Seattle. This 19.1-acre (77,000 m2) public park, located on the northern shore of Lake Union, previously hosted a plant that was providing Seattle with light. However, the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant has now become history, and the park was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The plant's gasification equipment is definitely the last of its kind.

The coal gasification plant in the park operated from 1906 to 1956, and the park, designed by Seattle landscape architect Richard Haag, opened in 1975. Haag didn't just make sure the plant’s original structure blended with surrounding nature, he applied oil-degrading enzymes to break down toxic contamination of the land surrounding the plant.

Gas Works Park has quickly become a popular spot for all kinds of cultural and athletic events, like concerts, festivals, kite-flying and roleplaying tournaments. Most events are scheduled during the summer months. Therefore, the best time to visit the park is from June to August.

Practical info

What was the original purpose of Gas Works Park?

Located on the northern shore of Seattle's Lake Union, Gas Works Park occupies 19.1 acres of what was once the industrial site of the Seattle Gas Light Company's gasification plant. While the plant operated from 1906 until 1956, the park has been transformed into a vibrant space that hosts cultural and athletic events such as concerts, festivals, and kite-flying tournaments. Show more

Who designed the park, and what was their vision?

Seattle-based landscape architect Richard Haag is credited with the innovative design of Gas Works Park, which largely involved marrying the old industrial plant's structure with the park's natural environment. Haag also faced the challenge of dealing with toxic contamination in the surrounding area, for which he used his proprietary oil-degrading enzyme formula to break down the toxic material and begin restoring the land. Show more

When did the coal gasification plant in the park operate?

Gas Works Park's coal gasification plant operated from 1906 until 1956, amid an era in which processing coal represented a common method deployed to generate natural gas in large-scale commercial contexts. While similar plants eventually gave way to natural gas production methods, the Seattle-based site's park transformation has stood the test of time. Show more

Where is Gas Works Park located, and what is its area?

Located on the north shore of Lake Union in Seattle, Gas Works Park boasts an area of 19.1 acres (77,000 m²) that provides an unparalleled view of both the lake and the city's striking skyline. The park's amenities include walking paths, picnic areas, and a fantastic rooftop area that features a 360-degree view of the surrounding natural beauty. Show more

What types of events are held in the park, and when is the best time to visit?

In addition to being a popular venue for a range of cultural and athletic events such as concerts, festivals, kite-flying, and roleplaying tournaments, Gas Works Park draws visitors due to the stunning views it offers. The park is best enjoyed during summer months from June to August, when visitors can partake in numerous activities and explore the park's vast acreage while soaking up some much-needed sun. Show more

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