Best time to visit Buenos Aires

Parks in Summer in Buenos Aires

What could be better than to hide from the heat in the shade of the green parks of Buenos Aires!

Best time: December–February

Parks in Summer
Parks in Summer
Parks in Summer
Parks in Summer
Parks in Summer
Parks in Summer

Buenos Aires has many beautiful parks. And there are a number of interesting parks in the Palermo area. Moreover, they are located not far from each other. You can go from one to the other on foot. Take a picnic basket, a glass of mate, an interesting book, and cool off from the heat beneath the trees!

Bosques de Palermo: the largest park in the capital was declared a Cultural Heritage of Buenos Aires. Don't miss it in September when the rose garden (Rosedale) blooms with 18 thousand roses! Barrancas de Belgrano, the centennial park of Buenos Aires where tango is danced on the elegant wrought-iron bandstand, is also not to be missed. Parque Centenario is a lovely open-air area with a fountain in the middle of it. It is famous for its murals and various sculptures and surrounded by scientific institutions and some museums.

Jardín Japonés is one of the world's largest Japanese gardens. Along the paths sakura, azaleas, and Japanese maples can be seen. Enjoy a zen moment here! Jardín botánico Carlos Thays is a very beautiful garden with an old mansion in the centre. There are flower beds where various plants are grown, as well as old greenhouses and different historical sculptures. Parque Lezama: one of the largest parks of the Argentine capital with a very rich history. The main attraction of the park is a deep canyon formed after the founding of neighbouring streets. Here there is a monument to the founder of Buenos Aires, Pedro de Mendoza. Parque Rivadavia is the best destination for families with kids with its free shows on Sundays. Relax and enjoy!

Practical info

When is the best time to enjoy parks in Buenos Aires?

The ideal time to relish Buenos Aires' parks is during summer, from December to February - the weather is beautiful and sunny. These months are perfect for outdoor activities such as picnicking in the shade or strolling through the parks. September is also an excellent month. The rose garden in Bosques de Palermo is a must-visit, where thousands of roses bloom in serene surroundings. Show more

Which park in Buenos Aires has blooming roses?

The rose garden (Rosedale) in Bosques de Palermo in Buenos Aires is a must-visit spot to witness blooming roses. During September, it blooms with 18,000 roses, perfect for a serene stroll or spending some time alone. This park is ideal for nature lovers and those looking to escape the city's chaos. Show more

What is Parque Lezama's historical significance?

As one of the largest parks in Buenos Aires, Parque Lezama holds significant historical value dating back to Pedro de Mendoza's iconic foundation of the park. The park features a deep canyon formed by surrounding streets and has a monument devoted to Buenos Aires's founder. This park offers visitors a peaceful escape from the city's hustle and bustle. Show more

When can I enjoy free shows in Parque Rivadavia?

Parque Rivadavia is famous for its free shows that take place every Sunday, perfect for families with children. Several food vendors surround the park, and on other days, it offers a serene environment with peaceful surroundings amidst a variety of trees, ideal for solo walks or relaxation. Show more

What else can I experience at Jardín Japonés?

Besides the paths and plant arrangements at Jardín Japonés, visitors can witness some of Japanese culture's famous representations, such as a Japanese bridge, a giant lantern, and decorative tiles. The garden is classified into three sections: cultural, landscape, and aquatic. The tranquil atmosphere and a moment of zen make visiting this garden an absolute delight. Show more

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