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Garden of Cosmic Speculation

A unique space inspired by science and mathematics

Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland 2019 - Best Time
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The 12 ha (30 acre) sculpture garden created by landscape architect Charles Jencks at Portrack House, his home located near Dumfries in south-west Scotland has become famous due to its unusual design. Inspired by modern cosmology, Jencks called his masterpiece the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. Sculptures and landscaping reflect such themes as black holes, geometric fractals, Big Bang or twisting DNA helixes. Even though the garden doesn't boast plant diversity, its symmetry and snail-like curves are certainly appealing. There are artificial lakes, bridges, staircases, and terraces that reflect the story of universe creation.

The Universe Cascade 2019
The Universe Cascade

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is usually closed for public. But one day each year it becomes available for visits through Scotland's Gardens programme. The money raised from admission goes for Maggie's Centres, a charity named after Maggie Keswick Jencks, the late wife of the landscape architect who was an expert in Chinese gardens.

Universe Cascade 2019
Universe Cascade

The garden inspired music by American composer, Michael Gandolfi, which was recorded by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and nominated for Grammy in 2009.

Snail Mound and Snake Mound 2019
Snail Mound and Snake Mound