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Singing Trees (Park of Music) in Denmark

An unusual park where you'll hear some famous songs

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Singing Trees (Park of Music)
Singing Trees (Park of Music)
Singing Trees (Park of Music)

A part of the Kildeparken, a park in the heart of Aalborg, was turned into a unique project called the Park of Music. This park is so prominent because the trees were planted by singers and bands that visited the city. Musicians like ZZ Top, Backstreet Boys, Sting, Guns N’ Roses, Bryan Adams and Stevie Wonder and almost 80 others left their mark to commemorate their visit to Aalborg. Later all the trees were accompanied with pillars that play songs of the person that planted it.

Practical info

What is the Park of Music?

Situated in Kildeparken, at the heart of Aalborg, the Park of Music features over 80 trees, each of which were planted by a different artist or band who visited the city. The trees are identified by unique pillars that play songs by the corresponding musician, providing a unique and enjoyable audio-visual experience for visitors. Show more

How many trees are located in the Park of Music and who planted them?

Found in Kildeparken, the Park of Music boasts over 80 trees, which were planted by an array of international musicians and bands, including the Backstreet Boys, ZZ Top, and Stevie Wonder. The unique pillars that accompany each tree play one of the artist's songs or music, contributing to the visitor's audio-visual experience. Show more

What kind of music can you hear in the Park of Music?

The Park of Music, situated in Kildeparken offers a rich mosaic of different music genres to visitors, ensuring that every music fan can find something to their liking. As each tree in the park was planted by a different musician, songs and music styles will vary. Still, visitors can expect to hear everything from rock, pop, country, and traditional Danish musical genres while strolling through the beautiful park. Show more

How long would you recommend spending in Kildeparken?

Kildeparken is Aalborg's largest park and offers a multitude of opportunities for relaxation with ample activities, gardens, lakes and zoo suitable for different interests. A visitor could consider making a day trip to Kildeparken and spending at least half of it exploring the Park of Music and other attractions. Visitors tend to lose track of time while there, captivated by the park's natural beauty and picturesque sights. Show more

Is the Park of Music appropriate for children and families?

Families and children in particular, will enjoy visiting the Park of Music in Kildeparken, Aalborg. The unique audio-visual experiences provided by the park's trees, each planting identity given by famous musicians and their music, is fascinating for both young and old. There are also child-friendly activities such as the Kildeparken Zoo, which hosts various animals such as deer, donkeys, and piglets. A trip to the Park of Music promises to be an unforgettable and enchanting experience for everyone. Show more

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