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Roses at Roseto Comunale in Rome

Fond of roses? Check out endless rows of these flowery shrubs along the Roseto Comunale park

Best time: May–mid-June

Roses at Roseto Comunale
Roses at Roseto Comunale

This rose garden located in the middle of Rome besides the Circo Massimo blushes with charming flowers from May into mid-June. The various shades of red, pink, yellow, white, and other colors are especially pleasing to all one's senses. The​ variety of roses is over 1,000 species. Each flower boasts a unique beauty and refined scent. Enjoy the walk a​nd don't forget to take some pictures!

Practical info

When is the optimal time to see the roses in full bloom at Roseto Comunale in Rome?

From May to mid-June is the optimal time to see the roses in full bloom at Roseto Comunale in Rome. Visitors witness the park come alive with a wide range of rose varieties of different colors, pleasing to the eyes and nose. The park remains closed during the winter months but reopens in spring. It's advisable to plan your visit so that you can enjoy the park in full bloom. Show more

Where is Roseto Comunale situated in Rome?

Roseto Comunale is in the Aventino district in Rome, Italy, adjacent to the Circo Massimo. The location offers spectacular views of the city skyline, and public transport, such as buses and the metro, can quickly get visitors to the park. Plan your visit to take advantage of the lush serene green space that the garden offers in the middle of the bustling city. Show more

What is the area of Roseto Comunale?

With an area around 0.6 hectares, Roseto Comunale is modestly sized. Despite its limited size, the park boasts of over 1,000 species of roses displayed beautifully, offering a sight to behold. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility and ambiance of the park on walks, picnics, and leisure reads. The park offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature in the midst of a busy town. Show more

Is it possible to buy roses at Roseto Comunale?

No, it isn't possible to purchase roses at Roseto Comunale. The park is exclusively a public garden and a display of a wide variety of wild rose collections. Visitors can spend as much time as they want in the park, taking pictures and enjoying the views without any purchase. The park is a great location for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers without a shopping agenda. Show more

Does Roseto Comunale charge admission fees for visitors?

No, Roseto Comunale does not charge admission fees to visitors. As a public garden owned and managed by the Rome Municipality, entrance into the park is free, making it an excellent location for budget travel. Visitors can visit the park anytime they wish, enjoy the scenery, and connect with nature at no cost. Roseto Comunale invites everyone looking for a peaceful yet pleasant location in Rome to engage in free park activities. Show more

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