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Land's End Labyrinth in San Francisco

A secret labyrinth built by a local artist became a lovely attraction for Land's End visitors

Best time: March–November

Land's End Labyrinth
Land's End Labyrinth
Land's End Labyrinth
Land's End Labyrinth

The labyrinth ​at Land's End is the creation of a local artist Eduardo Aguilera, who decided to construct the maze while learning about other historic labyrinths. The classic seven-circuit maze appeared at Eagle's Point in 2004 and was supposed to remain a secret place. However, soon it was discovered by numerous hikers. Since then the labyrinth has repeatedly been destroyed by vandals, but Eduardo Aguilera rebuilt it again and again. Today the artist keeps on constructing other labyrinths, and at least two of them are known: one in the Marin Headlands and another one—​in San Bruno Mountains.

The labyrinth has been popular with so many different people from near and far. At the centre of the labyrinth, the Eduardo Aguilera has found countless 'thank you' notes in multiple different languages, pictures of loved pets who passed away, funeral stamps, love message, money and many other peculiar items. Some people even got engaged at the Labyrinth.

The best time to see the labyrinth is from March to November, when the weather is not too cold and windy.

Practical info

Who was responsible for constructing the Land's End labyrinth and where is it situated?

Eduardo Aguilera, a local artist in San Francisco, California, built the Land's End labyrinth in 2004. The labyrinth is situated in Land's End Park, which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Despite being vandalized several times, Aguilera has continuously rebuilt the maze. Show more

What is the recommended time of the year to visit the Land's End labyrinth?

The Land's End labyrinth is best visited between March and November when the weather is mild and welcoming. Visitors can enjoy scenic beauty of the labyrinth amidst the pleasant weather and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean in the background. Show more

What objects are left at the center of the Land's End labyrinth by visitors?

Visitors to the Land's End labyrinth have left various objects representing their prayers, hopes, and desires. These include pictures of beloved pets, money, trinkets, funeral stamps, love messages, coins, shells, and other keepsakes. Show more

Have people ever become engaged at the Land's End labyrinth?

The Land's End labyrinth has been the site of many memorable events, including surprise marriage proposals and engagement ceremonies. The serene and beautiful surroundings of the labyrinth make it a perfect spot for such romantic occasions. Show more

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