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Holland Bamboo Avenue, St. Elizabeth in Jamaica

Don't restrain yourself from visiting an unbelievably arched and shaded bamboo canopy

Best time: May–October

Holland Bamboo Avenue, St. Elizabeth

South Coast's main road between Middle Quarters and Lacovia Holland features the unforgettable Bamboo Avenue. It represents a two and a half-mile stretch of road, lined with huge bamboo plants forming a shadowy tunnel.

In the late 17th-century the bamboo canopy was planted to supply material to the nearby Lacovia Manufacturing Company, as the bamboo fibre was used as a lubricant for steamship engines. Even though this company didn't take off, the bamboo trees are still alive and in good shape.

Bamboo Avenue is a fantastic place to explore as well as to enjoy great Jamaican ice-cold jelly coconut which is usually sold on the side of the road.

You'll never find this place more charming than in the early morning, especially after a rainy day when everything around here looks crispy and fresh. Between the wet May and October, the bamboo gets exceptionally thick, green and fine.

However, make sure to drive through the avenue no faster than 50 km/hr as the police are often hiding among the bamboo trees to spring out on you in a blink of an eye expecting you to "oil their wheels."

Practical info

What is the history behind the bamboo canopy at Holland Bamboo Avenue?

The Lacovia Manufacturing Company planted Holland Bamboo Avenue's bamboo canopy during the late 17th century to supply bamboo fiber for steamship engines. Despite the company's demise, the bamboo trees continued to grow and form a magnificent canopy, becoming a natural landmark and unique attraction for visitors worldwide. Show more

What is the optimal time of year to visit Holland Bamboo Avenue in Jamaica?

Between May and October, tourists can visit Holland Bamboo Avenue, especially after a rainy day when everything looks fresh. During this period, the bamboo grows exceptionally thick, green, and ideal. Visitors are advised to arrive early in the morning, when the atmosphere is serene and the light is soft. Show more

What is the best way to explore Holland Bamboo Avenue?

Tourists can best explore Holland Bamboo Avenue by walking through the unique bamboo canopy or driving through it. Walking will provide an up-close look at the greenery and bamboo trees and a more intimate appreciation of their beauty. However, driving is faster and lets visitors take in the experience better. Show more

What local delicacies can tourists try while visiting Holland Bamboo Avenue?

Aside from the bamboo, tourists can try the famous Jamaican ice-cold jelly coconut, available from vendors on the side of the road. Instead of stopping their cars on the road, they must park them off to the side before getting out to avoid causing accidents or inconvenience to others. Show more

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