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Exotic Garden of Monaco

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Although the country has numerous green areas to offer, the Exotic Garden of Monaco (Jardin Exotique) is one of the most beautiful places in the area. This location includes thousands of rare plants from all around the world. The walking tour through the garden turns into a pleasantly relaxing and an educational excursion.

Exotic Garden of Monaco in Monaco - Best Season 2020

The trees, flowers, and other plants are quite memorable for their unusual appearance. Desert plants and subtropical flora occupy the biggest part of the garden. Also, there is a cave hidden in the heart of the garden, open for the guided tours. As a result, the whole walk turns into a trip to the heart of exotic nature. It is especially nice on a sunny day.

Best time for Exotic Garden of Monaco in Monaco 2020

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is open to visitors all year, except the National Day celebrated on November 19th and Christmas Day. The opening hours vary slightly depending on the season. The blooming may be seen all year as well. Aloe and African Crassula thrive in winter, while most cacti—in spring and summer.

Best time to see Exotic Garden of Monaco in Monaco 2020

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