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Flowers in the Garden of Morning Calm in South Korea

The oldest private garden in Korea showcases 5,000 plant species, 20 themed sections, dozens of scenic walkways, and a series of festivals held throughout the year

Best time: March–November

Flowers in the Garden of Morning Calm
Flowers in the Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm in Gapyeong holds a total of 5,000 different plants, 20 various themed sections, and endless scenic walkways. It is considered the oldest private park in Korea. Its owner, a professor of horticulture, maintains everything in perfect order and beauty.

The gardens often even become the stage for Korean movies. Visitors also frequent to the garden. Its flower beds thrive from early spring into late autumn. The highlight of spring season is the Spring Garden festival, summer celebrates roses and hydrangeans, and fall is abundant in chrysanthemums.

Yet if you come here in winter, you won't be bored either as this is the time for the Lighting Festival—six million lights decorate the area after sunset. So the area always offers something special to its guests, regardless of the season.

Practical info

When should you plan a visit to see the Garden of Morning Calm?

It is advisable to plan a visit to the Garden of Morning Calm during the period from March to November for the best experience, as you get to witness the garden's beauty in all its seasonal glory. Each season has its signature feature, from an array of stunning blooms in spring and summer to colorful foliage in autumn and mesmerizing lighting during the winter Lighting Festival. Show more

What are the attractions and festivals that you can enjoy during each season at the Garden of Morning Calm?

Different seasonal attractions await visitors to the Garden of Morning Calm. In the Spring Garden Festival, the garden carpets itself with the colorful blooms of magnolia, tulip and cherry blossom. Pink hydrangeas and roses welcome visitors in summer, while autumn offers tourists the annual gorgeous chrysanthemum exhibitions and vibrant foliage. Winter opens up new exploration opportunities with the Garden of Morning Calm Lighting Festival that treats visitors to a wonder world of six million LED lights. Show more

Who founded the Garden of Morning Calm and what is its significance?

The Garden of Morning Calm is Korea's premier private garden created in 1996 by the horticulture professor Han Sang-kyung. It features 30,000 square meters of a beautiful array of plant life, both native and from around the globe. Amidst showcasing the diversity of plant life, the garden also shares Korea's remarkable culture through various events during the year, making it a rich experience for tourists. Show more

What makes the Garden of Morning Calm a unique destination for garden enthusiasts?

With over 5,000 plant species reflecting their globally diverse origins, the Garden of Morning Calm is a garden enthusiast's paradise. The sections are thematically designed to provide a unique experience that illustrates the variety of climates and regions where the plants can be found. The garden features 20 sections, including the popular Bonsai Garden, Spring Garden, Water Garden, and Moonlight Garden. Visitors can also stroll along scenic walkways capturing perfect views with every step. Show more

What themed sections and scenic walkways can you explore at the Garden of Morning Calm?

The 20 sections in the Garden of Morning Calm are thoughtfully themed to showcase unique plant species found in different regions. The garden features a variety of scenic walkways, each offering a different view of the garden's unique charm. Popular sections worth exploring include the Spring Garden, Bonsai Garden, Water Garden, and Moonlight Garden. Visitors to the garden can take photos amidst the natural beauty of Maple Tree Lane, Cherry Tree Path, Pine Tree Road, and more. Show more

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