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Lilacia Park in Illinois

Discover a safe haven abundant with flowers just on the outskirts of the Windy City

Best time: late April–mid-May

Lilacia Park
Lilacia Park
Lilacia Park
Lilacia Park
Lilacia Park
Liliacia Park, Lombard, Illinois
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Designed by famous landscape artist Jen Jensen, the 10 ac (4 ha) Lombard Community Park, known as Lilacia Park, is home to a myriad of varieties of the flower, which spread its horticultural roots from Asia Minor to Lombard, Illinois. The remarkable fact is that Lilacia Park started with only two lilac cuttings.

The park’s flower collection was originally owned by Colonel William Plum and his wife Helen Maria Williams Plum, who purchased land in Lombard in 1869 and then filled it with lilacs. The first two cuttings planted on the site were a double white 'Mme Casimir Périer' and a double purple 'Michel Buchner.' The Plums brought them from their trip to the legendary Victor Lemoine's gardens in France. In 1927, in Colonel's will, the Plum's house on the estate was given to Lombard residents as a public library and the land—as a public park.

Nowadays, in Lilacia Park, you have a chance to stroll among over 1,500 lilac bushes of 300 varieties, some 50 varieties of tulips, and a large number of other plants. A greenhouse, picnic areas, historical building, and drinking fountains are also here for your comfort.

The period from late April to early May is when the flowers are in the fullest bloom, and the village’s annual Lilac Time takes place. So come to take in the spring beauty and enjoy the delicate scent all around.

Practical info

When is the best time to see the lilacs in full bloom in Lilacia Park?

The best time to see the lilacs in full bloom and smell their delicate scent in Lilacia Park is from late April through mid-May. During this time, the annual Lilac Time festival takes place, and visitors can stroll among more than 1,500 lilac bushes of 300 different varieties. The weather during this period is usually mild and sunny, making it perfect for outdoor activities like picnicking, photography, or simply relaxing amidst nature. Show more

What is the location of Lilacia Park, and what are some of its facilities?

Situated in DuPage County, Lombard, Illinois, Lilacia Park occupies an area of 10 acres within Lombard Community Park. The park is filled with a variety of facilities such as picnic areas, a greenhouse, historical buildings, and drinking fountains, making it an ideal spot to enjoy time with friends and family. The park is conveniently accessible by car, train, or bus, and there is ample parking available. Show more

What is the origin of the lilac collection in Lilacia Park, and how did it come to be?

Initially a private estate of Colonel William Plum and his wife Helen Maria Williams Plum, Lilacia Park was filled with lilacs, and the first two cuttings planted were brought back from France in the early 1900s. The estate became a public park in 1927 and has since featured over 1,500 lilac bushes of 300 varieties, in addition to other plants such as some 50 varieties of tulips, as well as rose gardens, perennial beds, and annual flower beds, providing visitors with a wide range of floral experiences. Show more

Apart from lilacs, what other flowers and plants are there to explore in Lilacia Park?

In addition to lilacs, Lilacia Park has a diverse collection of flowers and plants for visitors to observe, including crabapple, hawthorn, juniper, serviceberry, viburnum, and as many as 50 different varieties of tulips. Visitors can also explore rose gardens, access perennial beds as well as annual flower beds, and experience a plethora of radiant colors that beautify the park. Lilacia Park provides a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy a host of flowering plants besides lilacs to invigorate their senses. Show more

What other activities can visitors of Lilacia Park indulge in during their visit?

Aside from taking in the flowers, visitors to Lilacia Park have access to several other attractions. The park features picnic areas where families and friends can host gatherings, take guided tours of the park, visit the year-round greenhouse, view historical sites such as the Victorian Cottage Museum and the Lombard Historical Society, and attend numerous events such as concerts, art fairs, and craft shows that are held throughout the year. These attractions provide visitors with a wide range of experiences beyond floral enjoyment. Show more

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