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Picnic in the King's Garden (Kongens Have), Copenhagen 2024

A perfect plan for a warm summer evening

Best time: May–September

Picnic in the King's Garden (Kongens Have)
Picnic in the King's Garden (Kongens Have)
Picnic in the King's Garden (Kongens Have)
Picnic in the King's Garden (Kongens Have)

King's Garden or Kongens Have is one of the locals' favorite parks, especially for a picnic. Located in central Copenhagen, right next to the Rosenborg Castle (which is also worth a visit), it's surrounded by beautiful historic Danish architecture.

During the late-spring and summer months, the park is full of beautiful flowerbeds and is home to a lush rose garden. There are several sculptures around the park including the famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

During the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, you can also hear some great music while sitting on the lawn and sipping your drink. And yes, drinking outside is allowed in Copenhagen, so you can bring your favourite drink.

The park isn't that big so be prepared that you probably won't be all alone. But this doesn't have to be necessarily a bad thing, you can think of it as an opportunity to feel like a local.

Practical info

How can I reach King's Garden in Copenhagen?

Public transportation, walking, biking, driving, and taxis are the options available to access King's Garden in Copenhagen. The nearest metro station is Nørreport. Private bike rental or the Copenhagen City Bike service are advisable for cycling. However, parking is limited and expensive. Show more

Which is the right time to visit King's Garden in Copenhagen for a picnic?

Plan your picnic to King's Garden in Copenhagen between May and September to experience blooming flowers and warm, sunny weather. Weekdays are less crowded compared to weekends and open-air music festivals. You may visit the garden during cooler autumn and winter days. Show more

What are the notable sculptures to see in King's Garden in Copenhagen?

King's Garden in Copenhagen features several significant sculptures, including sculptures of Hans Christian Andersen, Frederik V statue, the statue of the god Pan, and the St George and the dragon fountain located close to the park's entryway. Show more

Is drinking allowed at the King's Garden in Copenhagen, and what are the regulations?

Visitors can drink in King's Garden in Copenhagen but must be responsible and not disturb others. There are no restrictions on drinks. Littering is not allowed, and you are expected to dispose of trash properly. Visitors must avoid public drunkenness and may face a fine or be asked to leave if they cause any disturbance. Show more

Besides Copenhagen Jazz Festival, can I take part in any other events in King's Garden during my visit to Copenhagen?

Apart from the Copenhagen Jazz Festival every July, visitors can also enjoy other events in King's Garden in Copenhagen, including open-air concerts, outdoor movie screenings, and theatrical performances during summer. The Children's Museum offers free activities such as storytelling and arts and crafts. Christmas markets and New Year's Eve celebrations are also held in the park. Show more

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