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Superkilen Park in Copenhagen

A very unusual and colorful park in Copenhagen's most modern neighborhood

Superkilen Park
Superkilen Park
Superkilen Park
Superkilen Park
Superkilen Park
Superkilen Park

The Superkilen Urban Park is just as colorful and multicultural as the Nørrebro neighborhood it's located in is. It actually symbolizes the cultural diversity. The park is divided into three parts: the Red Square, the Black Market and the Green Park with attributes from different countries like the Moroccan fountain or the Russian neon signs. It was created by a group of famous architects BIG, Topotek1 and Superflex.

Aside from its symbolic meaning, the park looks very fresh and cozy, creating a giant playground for both kids and adults that inhabit the Nørrebro neighborhood.

The park is best enjoyed during the warmer months, namely between April and October when you can see people barbequing, kids playing, and teenagers skateboarding, and meet some local residents to spend time with them.

Practical info

What are the different parts of Superkilen Park?

Superkilen park has three distinct areas - a Red Square, a Black Market, and a Green Park. Each of these regions has unique features that make them stand out from the others. The Red Square is a play area that features swings, slides, red flooring, and a sound system. The Black Market has interesting seating arrangements and food stalls, while the Green Park is the biggest section and includes many trees, hills, and a Moroccan fountain. Show more

How does Superkilen Park symbolize cultural diversity?

Superkilen Park stands as a celebration of diversity by combining features from various countries throughout the world. The park's goal is to integrate these distinct characteristics of diverse cultures into a single space, creating a more cohesive and comprehensive understanding of the world. The park's landscape features elements from 57 countries, including unique items like neon signs from Russia and palm trees from China. Ultimately, it serves as proof that physical spaces can unite and bring together diverse communities. Show more

What activities can be done in Superkilen Park?

Visitors of all ages have plenty of options when it comes to activities at Superkilen Park. There are many opportunities for visitors to enjoy outdoor performances, picnics, barbequing, and skating. The park also features a dedicated dog area, basketball court, football field, and an outdoor gym for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, there are slides, swings, and see-saws for children to enjoy. Bike rental services are available in the city, making cycling in the park easy and safe. Show more

What is the best time to visit Superkilen Park?

Superkilen Park is the most delightful when visited between April and October when the weather is mild with less rain, allowing visitors to spend time outdoors. Visitors in these months will find the park more bustling with activities like barbecuing and outdoor performances. Furthermore, the green park is at its peak during the warmer months, with rolling hills, blooming flowers, and various shades of green appearing around the park, providing an ideal place for relaxation. Show more

Can you interact and spend time with local residents in the park?

Superkilen Park is a place that attracts a varied crowd, including local residents, expats, and tourists. Visitors will find it's an excellent opportunity to interact and socialize with people from the Nørrebro neighborhood. Visitors can also create a sense of community through various activities like picnicking and barbecuing with people of different cultures and ethnicities. Due to the park's relatively small size, it's easy to meet new people and make new connections. Show more

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