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Hakgala Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

Visit Hakgala Botanical Gardens to get a glimpse of Sri Lanka's natural beauty

Best time: April–May

Hakgala Botanical Gardens
Hakgala Botanical Gardens
Hakgala Botanical Gardens
Hakgala Botanical Gardens

Situated well above sea level, the gardens receive rainfall from two monsoons and have a temperature that is usually moderate or cold. During early spring, the gardens boast the best blooms and display their best roses and orchids. The spring season from April to May is the best time for flower safaris, with thousands of tourists visiting during this time.

Practical info

When is the peak season to witness the beautiful blooms in Hakgala Botanical Gardens?

The Hakgala Botanical Gardens beholds its beautiful blooms during early spring seasons, from April to May. Tourists flock during this time from all over the world to witness the beautiful flowers such as roses and orchids. It is strongly suggested to plan in advance to experience the exotic flower safaris. Show more

What weather can be expected at Hakgala Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka?

Hakgala Botanical Gardens, at an elevation of 1745 meters, receives rainfall from two monsoons and has moderate temperatures ranging from 5-10°C during the night and 15-20°C during the day. Visitors must carry warm clothes during the visit to the garden. Show more

Which species are amongst the 10,000 species of flora found in Hakgala?

Hakgala Botanical Gardens embrace over 10,000 species of flora including cacti, camellias, orchids, and roses. Visitors during early Spring can see the beautiful blooms and displays of magnificent roses and orchids. Hakgala botanical gardens have a vast array of some of the best tree fern species to see. Show more

What are some of the popular spots in Hakgala Botanical Gardens where we can find picturesque views?

Hakgala Botanical Gardens have a diverse range of spots where visitors can enjoy scenic and picturesque views. The Rock Garden, Butterfly Garden, Fern Garden, and Japanese Garden are some of the popular sites to visit. Tourists especially love the Rose Garden during the Spring season. Show more

What kinds of animals can be spotted at Hakgala Botanical Gardens?

Hakgala Botanical Gardens is a bird-watchers paradise offering sightings of pheasants, parrots and many other species of birds. The garden is a home for some exotic insects, butterflies including the Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Common Myna, and Yellow-eared Bulbul. Additionally, visitors can also witness some endemic and non-endemic species of Lizards. Show more

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