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Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls

Discover this awesome park with its beautifully maintained gardens and valuable collection of unique plants

Best time: April–September

Queen Victoria Park
Queen Victoria Park
Queen Victoria Park

Bounded by the Niagara River Great Gorge and the steep Fallsview moraine, Queen Victoria Park is considered to be the "heart" of Niagara. Promenading through the park beside the Canadian and American Horseshoe Falls, you’ll discover a rock garden, a Hybrid tea rose garden and attractive carpet-bedding displays. The well-groomed lawns of the park are an ideal spot to take some photos or chill.

The park celebrates every season in style. Over 500,000 spring daffodils start the season in their welcoming and bright way. Magnificent tulips, jaw-dropping magnolia trees, and other blooms are all there for your delight. Carpet-bedding displays are mostly featured in the summer. Lantana and fuchsia, coleus, cannas, and a world of other plants provide aesthetic and horticultural points of interest. Kale and chrysanthemums are indicative of the autumn.

We recommend visiting the park in the season between April and September when it's the most flowered.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls?

To enjoy the wide range of attractions and activities that Queen Victoria Park in Niagara Falls has to offer, it is best to visit between April and September. The park presents an array of flowers in these months that provide visitors with local flavor and memorable experiences to cherish. Whatever your interests, the park has diverse activities that cater to everyone from nature enthusiasts to photography aficionados. Show more

What is special about the rock and rose gardens in the park?

Queen Victoria Park's rock and rose gardens are an exquisite sight that emphasizes the park's commitment to preserving natural beauty. The rock garden features a well-curated display of beautiful rocks and plants, while the rose garden presents a mesmerizing collection of Hybrid tea roses. These meticulously tended gardens enhance the park's aesthetics and are one of the visitors' most popular destinations in the park. Show more

What are some of the unique plants that can be found at Queen Victoria Park?

Queen Victoria Park is home to a variety of unique plants that turn the park into an exotic botanical garden. Visitors have a chance to see tulips, magnolia trees, lantana, fuchsia, coleus, cannas, kale, and chrysanthemums against a picturesque backdrop whose beauty is unmatched. The park provides an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts who want to learn more about the different floral species available around the world. Show more

Where is Queen Victoria Park situated?

Located in the center of Niagara Falls, the popular Queen Victoria Park stands surrounded by Niagara River Great Gorge and the steep Fallsview moraine. The Canadian side of the waterfalls provides unique views of the Horseshoe Falls that heighten the park's mesmerizing experience. With car, bus, and foot access, Queen Victoria Park is an easily accessible location perfect for vacationers. Show more

How many flowers can be found in the park and in what season are they in full bloom?

While the exact number of flowers in Queen Victoria Park may be hard to determine, it undoubtedly numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Over 500,000 daffodils adorn the park in spring, while other flowers such as tulips, magnolia trees, and chimney bellflowers bloom in the spring and summer seasons. Visitors can witness both historical and modern carpet-bedding displays that come alive in summer, with kale, chrysanthemums, and other autumnal blooms rounding out the fall season. Show more

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