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Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages

When sand is brought onto the asphalt, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and cool showers are placed atop and downtown turns into a beach

Best time: early July–August

Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages
Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages
Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages
Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages
Beaches on the Seine or Paris Plages

Though Paris has no access to the beaches of the French Riviera, the city still has its own so-called "Paris Plages" which emerge in summer in a few spots along the Seine River banks. These are artificially created sand beaches with lounge chairs and sun umbrellas, cool-mist spraying showers, boules courts, football tables, and even tai chi classes—everything one needs for a delightful beach holiday. Unfortunately, swimming in the Seine isn't allowed but you can find a swimming pool that is floating on the river instead. The best time to enjoy the sun on the Seine is, of course, summer.

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What is Paris Plages?

Paris Plages is a summer attraction in Paris that transforms several spots along the Seine River banks into artificially created sand beaches. These beaches come equipped with loungers, umbrellas, boules courts, and cool showers to serve as a perfect vacation from the city's summer heat. Tourists can sunbathe and indulge in the beach environment. Show more

Where are these artificial sand beaches located in Paris?

The artificial sand beaches known as Paris Plages can be found along several spots on the Seine River banks. These spots include the 1st and 19th arrondissements, such as the Georges Pompidou expressway and the Quai de Loire. The Bassin de la Villette area, which is around the 10th and 19th arrondissements, also hosts these sandy spots, providing plenty of activities and beautiful views. Show more

Is swimming allowed in the Seine river during Paris Plages?

There is no swimming allowed in the Seine river when Paris Plages takes place. Although the Seine's environment is beautiful throughout the summer, the water quality does not meet standard swimming requirements. Tourists can still swim at the Josephine Baker swimming pool, accommodating up to 200 swimmers and floating on the Seine river's waters. Show more

What activities can one do at Paris Plages apart from lounging on the beach?

Paris Plages offers several activities for tourists aside from lounging on sandy beaches. Boules courts, tai chi lessons, pétanque tournaments, football tables, and live music are among the many activities available. Equipment for sports enthusiasts such as ping pong tables, badminton courts, and beach volleyball courts is also available. Paris Plages aims to entertain both adults and children with its various entertaining activities. Show more

When is the best time to visit Paris Plages?

Early July or August is the ideal time to visit Paris Plages. The warm climate provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to sunbathe, swim at Josephine Baker Swimming Pool participate in various activities, and enjoy the scenic river atmosphere. Music shows, beach games, and a lively atmosphere are some of the many benefits offered by Paris Plages during this period. Show more

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