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Freetown Christiania

One of Copenhagen's most famous attractions, a town inside a town


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Christiania is an area in the heart of Copenhagen where (or so its residents believe) the Danish law system doesn't work. It's quite a controversial place that sometimes causes scandals but in general, the idea of Christiania's residents is to create a neighbourhood where freedom and self-expression are the main values. While the legal status of the Freetown isn't clear, it's a popular destination among tourists. Here you'll find some interesting vegan snack bars and concert venues.

In summer, a lot of open-air events are held. And, of course, the famous marijuana that is sold freely. But the most exciting part of Christiania are definitely its residents so if you're lucky, you'll meet some interesting locals.

There is a list of dos and don'ts at the entrance of Christiania, and we recommend to follow them to respect the residents of the area. One of the main points is not to film nor to take pictures in the Freetown, especially around the Pusher Street, as there might be some marijuana dealing and it's still illegal in Denmark. Moreover, imagine the feelings of the residents being photographed by thousands of tourists every single day. Thus, visit the place and enjoy it as it is, trying not to destroy the free spirit.

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