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Ureddplassen (Uredd Rest Stop) in Norway

Arguably, the most beautiful public restroom in the world

Best time: all year round (best June–July)

Ureddplassen (Uredd Rest Stop)

Uredd Memorial rest area is located in Nordland, the region in Northern Norway. Part of the National Scenic Helgelandskysten Route, the Uredd rest area provides a spectacular view of the ocean as well as Fugleøya and the Lofoten Islands. It's a great spot to observe the midnight sun during the months of June and July. In the winter, Ureddplassen is perfect for catching a glimpse of the evasive Northern Lights phenomenon.

Ureddplassen features a sculpture of a swordfish, commemorating those who died on board the Norwegian submarine, KNM Uredd, during World War II. In 1943, the submarine Uredd went to Bodø on a mission to set some special forces ashore, however, it struck a German mine and perished. Forty-two sailors were killed.

In 2018, Ureddplassen gained popularity after it was named the world's most beautiful public restroom by a UK news outlet. The restroom has a minimalist design with frosted glass and concrete as main materials. Rest area also includes several marble benches and acess to the water.

Practical info

What makes Ureddplassen unique compared to other rest stops in Norway?

The public restroom situated in Ureddplassen has a minimalist design, with frosted glass and concrete as its main materials. From this rest area, one can also see the beautiful ocean, Fugleøya, and the Lofoten Islands. This place also has a sculpture of a swordfish to commemorate the sailors who died on board the Norwegian submarine, KNM Uredd during World War II. Show more

When is the best time to visit Ureddplassen to witness the midnight sun?

For the best experiences in witnessing the midnight sun, it is recommendable that tourists visit Ureddplassen between June and July. During these two months, the sun stays visible throughout the day and night, providing a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Despite this, the rest area still sees a lot of visitors throughout the year, even during winter, due to the Northern Lights phenomenon. Show more

Where is the Uredd Memorial located and what does it commemorate?

The Uredd Memorial site is situated in Northern Norway, along the National Scenic Helgelandskysten Route. The site is at Ureddplassen, a public restroom located along the ocean. It is close to Fugleøya and the Lofoten Islands and is home to a sculpture of a swordfish, which commemorates the 42 sailors who died while on board the submarine KNM Uredd during World War II. Show more

How many sailors were killed in the tragedy that befell the submarine KNM Uredd?

The submarine KNM Uredd tragedy led to the death of 42 sailors in 1943. During that period, the submarine was on a mission in Bodø to set some special forces ashore when it struck a German mine and sunk. Even today, the area has a sculpture of a swordfish at Ureddplassen that displays the names of the vessel's crew who died during the tragedy. Show more

Is access to the water available at the rest stop and what activities can be done there aside from sightseeing?

Ureddplassen, apart from sightseeing, also provides access to the ocean, and tourists can engage in various activities while there. The rest stop offers activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Additionally, landmarks like Fugleøya and the Lofoten Islands can be explored. The place has numerous marble benches that provide an excellent relaxation spot while taking in the scenery. Show more

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