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La Coulée Verte in Paris

The green oasis in the middle of the city provides a great escape from a hot summer day

Best time: June–August

La Coulée Verte
La Coulée Verte
La Coulée Verte
La Coulée Verte
La Coulée Verte
La Coulée Verte

The promenade, known as Coulée verte René-Dumont, is a green elevated path, a nice secluded place to spend some time, especially when you are looking for solitude and romance. The walkway is a transformed abandoned railway line right in the middle of Paris. Trees and shrubs set along the way offer a perfect escape from the city's noise and provide a nice shelter in the summer heat. You may also discover a "hidden" garden on your way—it's called Jardin De Reuilly.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit La Coulée Verte in Paris?

To enjoy the beautiful greenery and escape the busy city noise, the ideal time to visit La Coulée Verte in Paris is during the warmer and sunnier months of June to August. Show more

What is Coulée verte René-Dumont and where is it located?

Located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, Coulée verte René-Dumont is a transformed 4.7km abandoned railway line that now serves as an elevated green promenade stretching from Place de la Bastille to Bois de Vincennes, providing visitors with a peaceful and secluded escape from the busy Parisian city life. Show more

Is there an entrance fee to visit La Coulée Verte?

Visitors can enjoy La Coulée Verte in Paris for free as it doesn't have any entrance fees, providing them with an affordable option to take a break and enjoy some greenery in the heart of the city, away from the bustling Parisian streets. Show more

What are other nearby attractions to La Coulée Verte in Paris?

La Coulée Verte is surrounded by other nearby attractions including Place de la Bastille, Promenade Plantée, and Viaduc des Arts. Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Marais district are easily accessible, full of cafes, museums, and shops for travelers to explore, making the surrounding area a perfect spot for history lovers. Show more

Can visitors bring food and drinks to La Coulée Verte?

Visitors are allowed to bring their food and drinks to La Coulée Verte and enjoy a relaxed picnic in one of the available tables and benches areas. However, visitors are expected to maintain cleanliness and throw their waste properly to preserve the beauty and promote cleanliness of the park. Show more

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