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Isola Street Art

A great way to spend your time and explore the city

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Milan is not only about Gucci and Prada handbag boutiques. The city offers so much more to fall in love with! It's a city full of contemporary artists that embrace new forms of art such as street art, stencil graffiti, graffiti artwork, sticker art, etc.

The best spot in Milan to discover independent public art and graffiti is in the vibrant Quartiere Isola. Years ago, Isola was a type of "popular district", where lower-class families used to live. The word "Isola" means "Island", confirming the fact that the area was isolated from the rest of the city. Now it has turned into a giant open-air art gallery.

You can explore Milan on your own or join an exciting street art tour to see all the hidden corners of the city with amazing urban art. This activity is available year-round. Summertime is one of the best tourist seasons with sunny days and warm weather, but it tends to be too crowded. During spring and autumn, the weather is very pleasant and there are less tourists on the streets.

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