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Summer Tour Around Weird Houses

A couple of eccentric houses are both amusing and scary


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What would you think of the sight of a house which looks as if it were cut in half, or a hut which actually resembles a fairy dwelling made of gingerbread? Imagine another situation: you were leisurely enjoying a cozy neighbourhood, and suddenly noticed hundreds of dolls quietly staring at you, as if they were watching you. Some houses are unbelievably tiny, one has a huge statue of an elephant in the yard, some have Greek-style columns and ancient sculptures, others resemble cubes heaped on top of eachother... The city has a lot weird buildings to impress the average stroller, so take your time and explore the strangeness.

The Greek House 2020
The Greek House
The Cube House 2020
The Cube House
The Half House 2020
The Half House
The Doll House 2020
The Doll House

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