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Secret Gardens

While the parks can be crowded and noisy, these little oases are perfect for escaping from Hell's Kitchen


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When you spend some time in a city as noisy as New York, sooner or later you'll start to feel the need to escape into a quiet and peaceful place. Fortunately, even the concrete jungle has some sanctuaries to offer. Of course, there are always the big parks, but sometimes they can be just as noisy as the streets. To find the real peace, you'll have to look for one of New York City's secret gardens. These can be churchyards like the one at the Church of St. Luke in the Fields. Or historic house-museums like the Bartow-Pell Historic Mansion and Garden or the Samadhi Garden at Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art. Also, there are community gardens like the Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson Community Garden or local parks like Fort Tryon Park’s Heather Garden. They can be hidden anywhere, so be attentive!

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