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Phi Phi Viewpoint in Thailand

Koh Phi Phi's famous viewpoint is a must destination, especially during the clear sunny days that make it a photographer's treasure

Phi Phi Viewpoint

The torquoise clear waters, white sandy beaches and sunny days paired with crowds of tourists mark this period as a high season. The hectic life on the island raises prices and leaves you less chances to book a bungalow.

However, the 30 minutes stroll up the Phi Phi viewpoint (often called Pee Pee viewpoint, which, we hope, was not a deliberate choice of transliteration) makes you forget any problem or inconvenience you might have experienced. If you are lucky, and a little bit of rain falls, you might witness the spectacular scene of rainbow over the island.

Practical info

What can visitors expect from the Phi Phi viewpoint in Thailand?

Visitors to the Phi Phi viewpoint in Thailand can expect breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean and white sandy beaches of Koh Phi Phi. This popular tourist attraction is located at the island's highest point and requires a 30-minute hike uphill to reach it. Once there, visitors are treated to panoramic views of the island and the ocean. Show more

What is the ideal time for hiking to the Phi Phi viewpoint in Thailand?

The best time to hike to the Phi Phi viewpoint in Thailand is during the dry season, which runs from December to March. The weather is sunny during this period, making it perfect for hiking, with little chance of rain. The peak season falls within this time, however, so it is advisable to book in advance to avoid high prices and a reduced chance of securing a bungalow. Show more

What is involved in the hike to Phi Phi viewpoint, and how difficult is it?

Hiking up to the Phi Phi viewpoint involves a steep 30-minute uphill climb with uneven terrain, making it somewhat challenging for some visitors. It is recommended that you wear suitable hiking shoes and take enough water to make the trek as smooth as possible. The level of difficulty and duration of the hike will depend on your fitness level, but the thrilling views at the top make the climb worthwhile. Show more

Are there any methods for avoiding crowds when visiting Phi Phi viewpoint during peak season?

During peak season, the ideal way to avoid crowds when visiting Phi Phi viewpoint is to arrive early in the morning since most people tend to arrive later. You can also plan to hike to the viewpoint during sunset when people tend to flock to the beach for a view. An alternative suggestion is to visit during the low season, from April to November, when the island is less busy. Show more

What other exciting activities or tourist spots are accessible from Phi Phi viewpoint?

Some of the most popular attractions and activities accessible from Phi Phi viewpoint include the Ao Ton Sai Pier, where tourists can board boats to visit other stunning destinations such as Maya Bay, the Viking Cave, and Pileh Bay. Another well-known spot is the Monkey Beach, where visitors can interact with monkeys while appreciating the beach. Visitors can also enjoy activities like diving, snorkelling, and island hopping when in the area. Show more

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