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Rafting in Quebec

This exciting outdoor experience offers nature at its grandest

Rafting is one of the top water sports activities in the Quebec region due to a huge number of calm and stormy waterways. Whether you want to have a peaceful family weekend or an adrenaline ride with your friends, you can find it in Quebec.

The season starts in late April when the snow melts and fills rivers with volume and finishes in late October. The spring ride can be the most thrilling, but autumn is less crowded and you can enjoy the breathtaking Indian summer. During the summer the quality of the trip mostly depends on rainfall and water level of rivers.

The biggest advantage of rafting in Quebec is that suitable spots can be found really close to main cities, like Lachine Rapids. Other famous rafting destinations are Rouge River, Malbaie River, Red River, or rivers near Lac-Saint-Jean.

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When is the best time to go rafting in Quebec?

Rafting in Quebec is best experienced during early spring to late fall, from April to October. Adrenaline-seeking tourists can take advantage of the early season when the waterways swell, a thrilling adventure. Autumn offers a serene and picturesque adventure with fewer crowds. Families are recommended to go during summer, but the water levels and rainfall conditions may affect the quality of the trip. Show more

What are the most popular rafting destinations in Quebec?

Quebec has many calm and tempestuous waterways making it a perfect destination for rafting. The most popular rafting destinations in Quebec include the thrilling Lachine Rapids, Rouge River, scenic Malbaie River, Red River, and the rivers near Lac-Saint-Jean. These destinations have different challenges and scenery but all embody Quebec's natural beauty, offering various family-friendly or wild rides. Show more

Where are the nearest rafting spots to the main cities in Quebec?

One of the biggest advantages of rafting in Quebec has to be the availability of nearby spots. Lachine Rapids is the most popular rafting spot in Montreal, while Mont-Tremblant boasts of Red River and Rouge River outside the city. Quebec City has the iconic Malbaie River only 2.5 hours away, perfect for a day trip. Rafting in Quebec is a great weekend adventure since these spots are easily accessible, allowing tourists to return to the cities to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Show more

Can I go rafting in Quebec if I have never done it before?

In Quebec, there are various guided tours for beginners in rafting, and certified adventure sports coaching is abundant making it a great time to start. No prior experience is required as instructors and guides offer support and guidance throughout the trip. Beginners should choose the appropriate package and take on easier routes for a more comfortable and safe experience. Choose from the well-crafted packages and master the sport in no time. Show more

Are there any age or weight restrictions for rafting in Quebec?

Rafting is perfect for children of all ages and is a great family activity in Quebec. Age restrictions may vary, and while the minimum age for more challenging waterways is 10-12 years, kids as young as 7 can safely participate on smoother rides with a qualified guide. Rafting typically has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds (113 kg). People with back issues, heart conditions, or pregnant women are discouraged from participating. Show more

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