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Kayaking and Rafting in Bhutan 2024-2025

New to Bhutan, these extreme activities have become very popular for tourists

Best time: November–December | March–April

Kayaking and Rafting
Kayaking and Rafting
Kayaking and Rafting

As the territory of Bhutan is overfilled with vast rocky formations, its rivers have a great chance to behave in all possible ways, from calm flows to rocky rapids, twists, and turns. Such landscapes make outdoor activities like kayaking and rafting really promising.

Four major rivers traverse Bhutan: Drangme Chhu, Mo Chhu, Wang Chhu, and Torsa Chhu. If you are a high-skilled athlete, you can choose a multi-day water trip and explore Bhutan's landscapes. But it may be more fruitful to choose a mixture of activities and interchange rafting or kayaking with some trekking. Such a combination allows tourists to have a closer look at some locations which aren't easy to reach from the road but are located near the rivers.

The best places to look for kayaking or rafting experience are Paro Valley, the countryside of the city of Trongsa, and Punakha Valley. Melting glaciers fill Bhutan's rivers, and the water flow can get dangerous in March and April. But at the same time, thrill-seekers get extra excitement and joy. In November and December, the rivers are calmer, and the comfortable weather favours these great water activities.

Practical info

When is the best time to go for kayaking and rafting in Bhutan?

Kayaking and rafting are best enjoyed during the comfortable weather of November & December as the rivers are calmer. However, adventure-seekers can choose to visit the country in March & April when the melting glaciers increase the excitement of kayaking and rafting by filling the rivers with dangerous & thrilling water flows. Show more

Which locations provide the best kayaking and rafting experiences in Bhutan?

The locations that offer the best kayaking and rafting experiences in Bhutan are Punakha and Paro Valley and the Trongsa countryside. The rivers in Bhutan showcase a variety of landscapes, from gentle flows to rocky rapids, offering adventure enthusiasts a diverse range of experiences. Choose trekking as a combined activity to visit remote locations that aren't accessible by road yet are located close to the rivers. Show more

Is kayaking or rafting experience required in Bhutan?

No prior experience of kayaking or rafting is mandatory for tourists who wish to try these activities in Bhutan. However, the safety and enjoyment depend on the dependability and experience of the company chosen. One should select a trustworthy company that provides professional guides and offers various packages catering to individuals of different skills levels. Show more

What other activities complement kayaking and rafting in Bhutan?

Trekking is the most popular activity that tourists combine with kayaking and rafting in Bhutan. This allows visitors to enjoy remote locations, inaccessible by road yet located near rivers. Exploring natural hot springs and local villages is another recommendation. Visit the hot springs of Punakha and Gasa for their therapeutic benefits, and explore the remote villages to gain insight into Bhutanese culture and lifestyle. Show more

What precautions should be adhered to while kayaking or rafting in Bhutan?

While kayaking or rafting in Bhutan, one must ensure to select a reputable company providing professional guides, and follow safety guidelines carefully. Always wear a helmet, life-jacket & appropriate clothing. Listen to the guide's instructions carefully, maintain your balance, and never panic. Bhutan has help nearby in case of emergencies. By taking such precautions, adventure-seekers can ensure their safety while enjoying their experience. Show more

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